Transcorp Allied Group offers industry leading contractual services in plant design, construction and installation, commissioning and start-up and operation and maintenance for oil and gas facilities. Our core team of highly experienced technical professionals follows finely honed project management practices to ensure that all phases of the project are completed efficiently, cost-effectively and in compliance with all quality, safety and environmental requirements.

Our expertise extends outside the energy industry to the following sectors:

Our Oil Industry Clients:

Transcorp Allied Group's team of senior, experienced professionals provides direct accountability for every project. Our planning systems and expertise ensure smooth and timely execution.

Our inherent benefits include:

- Control Budgets & Timelines
- Ensure Solid Maintenance Program Design
- Implement Structured, Ongoing Staff Training
- Manage Change Consciously & Effectively
- Meet Information Commitments
- Meet Milestones from Day One
- Reduce Start-up Time
- Save Time & Money

Our CSU and documentation projects include:

- Gas Plants
- Offshore Production Platforms
- Pipelines & Tank Farms
- SAGD & Cogeneration Plants
- Upgraders & Refineries
- Water Treatment & Utility Plants

Other Clients and Services:

Our experience and expertise extend outside the oil industry in the following areas:

- Distillate Fuels: Professional engineering services for power
  plants in Newfoundland and Labrador, and construction
  services at hydro facilities in Newfoundland.
- Gaseous and Liquid Hydrogen: Engineering experience
  with   GE heavy frame turbines, P&WC FT8 and FT4 line
  and many other turbine lines.
- Government: Specialty services at CFB Goose Bay,
  including aircraft refueling support for 4 air forces, and
  construction and renovation projects.
- Hydroelectric Projects: Structural, electrical, and
  mechanical services, project management and engineering
  design for a variety of hydroelectric projects in
  Newfoundland and Labrador.
- Original Equipment Manufacturers: Documentation services
  including owner manuals, operations and maintenance
  training manuals and job safety training aids.
- Pulp and Paper Industry: Waste reduction plans, plus
  workforce training and development services worldwide.
- Telecommunications Industry: Extensive experience
  supporting military telecommunications services and their

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