Transcorp Allied Group offers industry leading contractual services in gas turbine generator installation, commissioning and start-up as well as operation and maintenance. Our core team of highly experienced technical professionals follows finely honed project management practices and OEM guidelines to ensure that all phases of a Gas Turbine Generator life cycle are completed efficiently, cost-effectively and in compliance with all safety, quality and environmental requirements.

We apply proven project management principles because they work. We build standards and best practices into our project plans in order to maximize quality and minimize rework. A carefully planned CSU project avoids the time and budget pressures that often lead to shortfalls, which can drastically compromise your investment and future operations.




Our services include:

Design Phase
- Commissioning & Start-up Plan
- Staffing and Training Plans

Construction and Installation Phase
- Construction Plan
- Develop Operating Procedures
- Facility Layout
- Mechanical Completion

Development Phase
- Commissioning & Start-up Plan
- Training Program (including Competence Assessment)

Production Operations and Maintenance Phase
- Maintenance Contracts
- Operations Personnel Mentorship

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